Product Roadmap

We are rightly proud of our heritage in delivering super high performance drivers that allow our customers to get to the data they need from any application.

This heritage continues with new developments underway that will allow you to get connected easily, securely and instantaneously to the data that you need.

Our roadmap contains a number of driver developments that are currently being Beta tested by a select number of businesses, but if you would like us to keep you informed of the progress for any of these products or would like us to contact you about any of them, then please register your details below.

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SaaS connectivity

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Easysoft ODBC-SugarCRM Driver SugarCRM is one of the world's fastest-growing customer relationship management systems, and as an open-platform web-based CRM solution, it is easy to customise to meet any organisation's changing needs.
Database connectivity
Easysoft ODBC-MySQL Driver Open source databases are now being trusted more and more to store vital data in many companies.
Application connectivity
Easysoft ODBC-QuickBooks Driver Quickbooks is one of the Accounting applications of choice among small business users around the world, and the Easysoft ODBC-QuickBooks Driver for Windows, Unix and Linux helps them to make QuickBooks more than just an accounting system by integrating ODBC compliant applications with it to help increase productivity and profit
Easysoft ODBC-Xero Driver
ODBC access to the Xero accounting package.
Analytics connectivity
Easysoft ODBC-Google-Analytics Driver
ODBC access to Google Analytics data.
Big data connectivity
Easysoft ODBC-Hadoop-Hive Driver This fast and secure driver allows open standards ODBC access to your Apache Hive/Hadoop data through any ODBC capable application or tool whether on Windows, Unix or Linux.
Easysoft ODBC-Cassandra Driver Easysoft will be supporting Apache Cassandra by allowing direct SQL access to this powerful database.
Easysoft ODBC-Cloudera Driver Seamless connectivity to Cloudera data is what Easysoft will be offering.
Easysoft ODBC-CouchDB Driver We have been approached by a couple of businesses wanting ODBC access to this Document Store database, so it's appeared on our roadmap.
Easysoft ODBC-Azure-DocumentDB Driver Backed by Microsoft, this is another NoSQL document database; it supports both JSON and JavaScript.