The Easysoft Software Development Kit (SDK) for Custom ODBC Drivers

The Easysoft SDK is a comprehensive toolkit that provides developers with a consistent, flexible, quick and easy development environment for the creation and delivery of custom ODBC drivers for your data source.

It enables standards based ODBC access to your SQL ready, proprietary or non relational legacy data store, offering greater accessibility to your data from widely used reporting and analysis tools and from other popular relational databases and applications.

Development of a fully functional and compliant driver can take only a matter of weeks. The code required to implement an ODBC driver is included within the SDK, as is a highly resilient SQL engine, leaving you with a small number of functions to implement that are specific to your data source and the level of functionality you wish to offer.

The Easysoft SDK can be implemented on all the popular platforms for Unix, Linux and Windows and for those requiring a JDBC or ODBC client server solution; this can be provided by the use of additional Easysoft software such as the ODBC-ODBC Bridge and the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

A custom ODBC driver with direct access to your data store can dramatically improve usability for your customers, adding value to your solution while enabling additional business opportunities for your organisation coupled with higher rates of customer retention.

The Easysoft SDK is fully supported by a technical team with 20 years experience in data access middleware, who have produced a range of ODBC and JDBC drivers and bridges giving high performance access to most of the popular databases; in fact the Easysoft SDK technology is at the heart of many of our current middleware solutions used by companies all over the world.

Features include:

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