Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver

Do you support InterBase 7?

Last Reviewed:
19th July 2005

Yes, Easysoft have developed the InterBase 7 driver which is supplied by Borland as part of the InterBase 7 media kit. If you purchase InterBase 7 you will acquire the rights to use this driver, subject to the license terms, on Windows, Linux (Intel) and Solaris (SPARC) only. Please be aware that if you have purchased the InterBase driver from Borland then they will be your point of contact for support, however if you do wish to have support from us then please contact our sales department who can then arrange a support contract for you.

Drivers for other platforms, such as AIX, HP/UX and MacOS, are available directly from Easysoft. Easysoft are also able to provide a UNICODE version of the driver for all supported platforms.

The Easysoft driver for InterBase 6 can be used but will not support all the functionality of InterBase 7.

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