Which Easysoft Oracle® Driver do I Need?

Easysoft produces two versions of the Oracle® ODBC driver: the Oracle® Call Interface (OCI) driver and the Wire Protocol (WP) driver.

Both drivers connect Unix and Linux applications to Oracle® 8–12c and XE databases, provide comprehensive support for Oracle® data types and conform to the latest ODBC standard (3.52).

However, the drivers differ in the way that they access Oracle®. The OCI driver requires Oracle® client software (either the Instant Client or standard Oracle® Database Client). The WP driver does not require any Oracle® client software, because, unlike the OCI driver, it accesses Oracle® directly.

Although the WP driver is simpler to deploy in that it is not reliant on the standard/Instant client, you need to be aware of the implications of not using Oracle® client software. The following Oracle® functionality is dependent on the Oracle® client. To take advantage of these features, you therefore need to use the client-based OCI driver:

In addition, if you want to access Oracle® from Windows platforms, you need to use the OCI driver.

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