ODBC Data Loader for Salesforce.com

Looking for a cost effective way to get data into Salesforce.com?

Salesforce.com provides users with a simple, convenient and somewhat intuitive frontend CRM system for businesses of all sizes; however getting data into and out of this platform into your own business applications and other business databases isn't always easy or straightforward without some form of sophisticated API knowledge or the use of unsupported third party software.

This is where the ODBC Dataloading via the Easysoft ODBC Salesforce Driver comes in.

The use of our ODBC Driver allows businesses to quickly and easy integrate their ODBC applications and datasources with Salesforce.com, allowing real-time data to flow between the two.

Data Loading

The same Driver allows for simple data extraction too from Salesforce.com into your ODBC application.

Data Extraction

So when you want a simple tool that will help you to get your data into Salesforce.com then this is the solution for you.

As well as loading data in bulk, this Driver can be used to extract data from Salesforce.com into any ODBC application or database and all in real-time.

Please note that our cost effective ODBC Driver requires the use of the Salesforce.com SOAP API.

If your Salesforce.com edition allows the use of the API (Enterprise Edition, Performance Edition, Unlimited Edition or Developer Edition), you can download our Driver and get yourself working today.

Click here for the full Product Description and technical details for the Easysoft Salesforce.com ODBC Driver.

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