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How do I connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com?

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4th September 2013

Use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge with the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver to connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com and provide real-time access to your Salesforce.com objects, enabling you to analyse Salesforce.com data from your Jaspersoft dashboard.

Jaspersoft is a Java application. To interact with a data source such as Salesforce.com, a Java application uses a JDBC driver. (JDBC is a Java application programming interface (API) that connects Java to relational databases and other tabular data such as spreadsheets and flat files.)

The Salesforce.com ODBC driver uses ODBC to connect to Salesforce.com. ODBC is another data access technology, the Microsoft implementation of which is included with Windows.

The JDBC-ODBC Bridge allows a Java application using JDBC to access an ODBC driver. The JDBC-ODBC Bridge and ODBC driver do not have to be installed on the same machine.

The components necessary to connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com are therefore:

Jaspersoft <-> JDBC-ODBC Bridge <-> Salesforce.com ODBC Driver <-> Salesforce.com

The JDBC-ODBC Bridge and Salesforce.com ODBC Driver are available to download from the Easysoft web site.

Installing, Licensing and Testing the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver

  1. Download the Windows Salesforce.com ODBC Driver.
  2. Install and license the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver on a Windows machine. This does not have to be the same machine as the one where Jaspersoft is installed.

    For installation instructions, see the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver documentation.

Before you can use the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver to connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce, you need to configure a System ODBC data source. An ODBC data source stores the connection details for the target database (e.g. Salesforce.com) and the ODBC driver that is required to connect to it (e.g. the Salesforce.com ODBC driver).

Use ODBC Administrator to create your Salesforce.com ODBC Driver data source:

  1. In the Windows Run dialog box, type:
  2. Choose the System DSN tab, and then choose Add.
  3. In the Create New Data Source dialog box, choose Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver, and then choose Finish.
  4. Complete the Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver DSN Setup dialog box:
    Setting Value
    DSN Salesforce.com
    User Name The name of your Salesforce.com user. For example, myuser@mydomain.com.
    Password The password for your Salesforce.com user.
    Token The security token for your Salesforce.com user, if required.

    To find out whether you need to supply a security token, choose the Test button. If the connection attempt fails with an error which contains LOGIN_MUST_USE_SECURITY_TOKEN, you need to supply one.

    Salesforce.com emails the security token to the email address associated with your Salesforce.com user account. If you have not received a security token, you can regenerate it. Salesforce.com will then email the new security token to you. To regenerate your security token, log in to Salesforce.com and then choose Setup from the user menu. Search for "security token" in the Quick Find box. Click Reset Security Token in the Reset Security Token page. When you receive the token in your email client, copy it and then paste it into the Token field.

  5. Use the Test button to verify that you can successfully connect to Salesforce.com.

Installing and Licensing the JDBC-ODBC Bridge

  1. Download the JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
  2. Install and license the JDBC-ODBC Bridge on the machine where the Salesforce.com ODBC driver is installed.

    For installation instructions, see the JDBC-ODBC Bridge documentation.

  3. In Window Services, make sure that the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge Server x64 service is running, and that the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge Server service is stopped (stop the service and in the server properties, set the Startup type to "Manual").

Connecting Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com

You can now connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com:

  1. Copy EJOB.jar to the jasperserver-install\apache-tomcat\lib folder.

    EJOB.jar is installed in the following location on the machine where you installed the JDBC-ODBC Bridge:


    The default location for easysoft_install is drive:\Program Files (x86)\Easysoft Limited\Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

  2. In the Microsoft Management Console on this machine, restart the Jaspersoft service.
  3. Login to the Jaspersoft server as "jasperadmin".
  4. From the Create menu, chose Data Source.
  5. Complete the form:
    Setting Value
    Name Salesforce
    Description Connect Jaspersoft to Salesforce.com with Easysoft.
    JDBC Driver Choose Other from the list, and then type easysoft.sql.jobDriver in the space provided.
    URL jdbc:easysoft://my_host/my_salesforce_system_dsn

    Replace my_host with the hostname or IP address of the machine where you installed the JDBC-ODBC Bridge. Replace my_salesforce_system_dsn with the name of your Salesforce.com ODBC driver data source.

    Username Your Salesforce.com user name.
    Password Your Salesforce.com password.

    If the JDBC-ODBC Bridge has authentication turned on, which it has by default, you will need to add these parameters to the JDBC URL:


    Replace my_windows_user and my_windows_password with a valid Windows user name and password for the machine on which the JDBC-ODBC Bridge is running.

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