Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge User's Guide - Contents


    Intended Audience

    Displaying the Manual

    Notational Conventions

    Typographical Conventions




    Why ODBC?

    Why JDBC?

    JDBC driver types


    Driver Managers




    Obtaining the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge

    What to install

    Installing on Windows

    Uninstalling on Windows

    Installing on Unix

    Uninstalling on Unix

Configuring the Server

    Setting up the JOB Server on Windows

    Setting up the JOB Server on Unix

    The Web Administrator

    The Windows Registry entry

    The Unix initialization file

Configuring the Client

    Connecting from Java


Programming Guide


    Java applications

    Java applets

    Making applets portable

    Loading JOB Driver classes

    Connecting to the JOB Driver

    Easysoft JDBC URL attributes

    Additional notes

    Easysoft JOB URL examples

Technical Reference

    Java runtimes and browsers

    Windows platforms

    Unix platforms

    JDBC versions supported

    ODBC version required

    Supported data types




    Firewall and security issues


JDBC Certification