Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge

Can I use the ODBC-ODBC Bridge with Oracle's Heterogeneous Services (DG4ODBC/hsODBC)?

Last Reviewed:
24th January 2024


You can use the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge to access remote ODBC drivers from Oracle. E.g., Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access. This allows you to exchange data between Oracle and other databases.

You can find detailed instructions on how to set this up in the following articles:


  1. hsodbc is a 32-bit application. You need to use it with a 32-bit Easysoft ODBC driver. For 64-bit platforms, choose the 32-bit version of the driver even when there's a 64-bit version available. 32-bit drivers will still function correctly on a 64-bit platform.
  2. You may need to set ODBC-ODBC Bridge's connection attribute DisguiseWide to 1, because hsODBC does not seem to understand SQL_C_Wxxx types. See Why do I get error "table or view does not exist" when connecting Oracle hsODBC to SQL Server?
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