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How do I query Salesforce Knowledge Base Articles from SQL Server?

Last Reviewed:
3rd November 2015

A customer was unable to query Salesforce Knowledge Base articles from SQL Server. The queries were failing with the error "MALFORMED_QUERY". The workaround was to use SQL Server's OPENQUERY function to execute a pass-through query, which then succeeded. For example, this distributed query:

select * from MYLINKEDSERVER.SF.DBO.KnowledgeArticleVersion where PublishStatus = ''Draft'' and [language] = ''en_US''

was replaced with:

select * from OPENQUERY(MYLINKEDSERVER, 'select * from KnowledgeArticleVersion where PublishStatus = ''Draft''
                                                                 and [language] = ''en_US'' ')

This illustrates an issue that other customers have faced when using a linked server to work with Salesforce data. Distributed queries such as SELECT * FROM SALESFORCE.SF.DBO.Account may be modified by SQL Server in such a way that make them invalid for the target data source. This is not the case for queries executed with OPENQUERY.

For a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to connect SQL Server to Salesforce, see this Easysoft article.

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