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Why does make test for Perl DBD::ODBC fail with "invalid object name" errors?

Last Reviewed:
4th July 2017

The make test for Perl DBD::ODBC attempts to create tables in the database, populate them and read the data back. If you use a DSN which points to a database which is read-only (or for which you do not have permission to create tables) the tests will fail. This will happen if you use the demo DSN which is supplied with OOB as it points to our database which is read-only as far as external users are concerned. A typical failure when going to our demo datasource looks like:

t/02simple..........DBD::ODBC::db do failed:
[unixODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
CREATE TABLE permission denied, database 'pubs', owner 'dbo'.
(SQL-37000)(DBD: st_execute/SQLExecute err=-1) at t/ODBCTEST.pm line 80.
DBD::ODBC::db prepare failed:
[unixODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
Invalid object name 'PERL_DBD_TEST'. (SQL-S0002)

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