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What are the different methods for obtaining a license?

Last Reviewed:
4th July 2017

When requesting a license, once you have filled in the relevant details, you can choose which method to use to obtain the license:

- Obtaining a license automatically (online) requires either a connection to our License Daemon over the Internet or the ability to send and receive mail to our license auto-responder. Licenses obtained from our License Daemon will be applied automatically for you.

- Licenses obtained by email are applied by saving the attachment and double-clicking on the saved file (Windows) or by cutting the license key out of the email and adding it to a license file (UNIX). For more details, please see the Windows and UNIX specific sections in this FAQ or the Data Access Licensing Guide for step-by-step instructions.

- If you are not connected to the Internet and do not have email you may telephone or fax your license request to us (please see the question on where to send license requests).

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