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Why am I having intermittent problems with a particular ODBC driver?

Last Reviewed:
8th January 2024

Some ODBC drivers are not thread-safe and, by default, the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge Server for Windows runs multi-threaded. This can give rise to a whole host of intermittent and peculiar errors. You should make the ODBC-ODBC Bridge server run multi-process so that there is only ever one thread at a time in the ODBC driver. See Why does my second connection to MS Access hang? for the method of making the ODBC-ODBC Bridge server run multi-process.

Drivers we have encountered that it is best to set the ODBC-ODBC Bridge server to run multi-process for are: Microsoft Access ODBC, Freedom Intelligence, Navision, Margin Minder, TPS ODBC and eMatrix ODBC.

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