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How can I find out why my PHP script is not working?

Last Reviewed:
8th January 2024

There are general guidelines to help you in the PHP documentation and via a number of PHP mailing lists. You should read those first. A quick method is to turn on tracing in PHP . You can do this by editing your /usr/local/lib/phpn.ini file. If you don't have this file, see the PHP INSTALL file, which documents a template ini file.

Ensure error_reporting is set to 7, log_errors is set to On and set error_log to the name of a file (e.g. /tmp/php_errors). Once you have made these changes, restart Apache and all the normal errors, warnings and parser errors will be logged to the file.

You can also set track_errors to On, which makes the last error available in the $php_errormsg variable.

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