Perl DBI

Look in this section for articles and tutorials that show you how to access a database and retrieve data from a Perl script.

Use Easysoft ODBC drivers with the Perl DBI and DBD::ODBC modules to access many different databases and files. For example:

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Perl DBI Tutorials and Examples

Some Common Unicode Problems and Solutions using Perl DBD::ODBC and MS SQL Server
Useful information to help you use Unicode in MS SQL Server from Perl DBD::ODBC.
Debugging Perl DBI
Avoid errors by following our Perl DBI best practises. Track down errors quickly by selectively logging your application's DBI activity with DBIx::Log4perl.
Perl DBI - Put Your Data On The Web
Explains how to publish your SQL data on the web. This tutorial provides example CGI scripts written in Perl that display the contents of a database table in an HTML page. The tutorial also describes how to separate HTML from database data by using the HTML::Template module. Finally, it shows you how to dynamically alter a SQL query based on values supplied from a URL or a form input box.

Perl DBI Tutorials using DBD::ODBC

Enabling ODBC support in Perl with Perl DBI and DBD::ODBC
This document describes how to build Perl DBI, add the DBD::ODBC module and use an ODBC driver provided by Easysoft in your Perl scripts. It shows you how to quickly add ODBC support to your Perl applications.
Drivers, Data Sources and Connection - Perl DBI/DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 1
This tutorial describes the ODBC data sources that let you access your databases and shows you how to connect to a database from a Perl script.
Introduction to retrieving data from your database - Perl DBI/DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 2
Read this tutorial for example Perl scripts that show you how to execute a SQL statement, fetch, and display the results. The tutorial discusses the performance advantages of using parameters in prepared SQL statements. It also describes the various methods Perl DBI provides for retrieving data.
Connecting Perl on UNIX or Linux to Microsoft SQL Server - Perl DBI/DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 3
Connect Perl with SQL Server 7-2019 and Express.
Multiple Active Statements (MAS) and DBD::ODBC
How to achieve Multiple Active Statements (MAS) support without resorting to multiple connections. Includes code samples.
Perl Resources
Perl web sites and mailing lists, including the site where you can download the DBI and DBD::ODBC modules.