Data Warehousing

The Data Warehouse Institute promotes data warehousing as a foundation for a successful Business Intelligence (BI) program, but Data Warehouses are much more than a concept, they can seriously help businesses become more profitable.

The basic concept of data warehousing is very straightforward indeed. It's the creation of a central location to permanently store the various data sources needed to support a company's reporting, analytics and other BI functions.

Having a data warehouse of any shape, size or form is critically important to all businesses as it:

Enhances Business Intelligence

Because data warehouses provide access to data from various sources, managers and executives no longer need to make business decisions based on incorrect, out of date or limited data. They have at their fingertips the most up-to-date data, from which only the very best business decisions will be made.

Saves Time

Businesses have the ability to access all their critical data from one place; and by using the right access methods data can quickly and easily be pulled, analysed and reported on. In many instances, business executives and managers can run their own reports and create dashboards virtually instantly and often using real-time data.

Enhances Data Quality and Consistency

The best data warehouses convert data from different sources and formats into a single common format; as all the data is standardised then it stands to reason that the results compiled from the different business functions will also be standardised. You will have more confidence that the data that is being presented back to you (and you are presenting to others) is more accurate.

Provides a Higher ROI

It's been proved in numerous studies that businesses that have a data warehouse solution and complementary BI systems generate more profitable revenues and make more savings on IT and management resources than businesses that have failed to invest.

The Easysoft Factor

We work with businesses as they set up their data warehousing operation and also with businesses that need to set up additional data sources within their existing warehouse. They come to us because we can supply both ODBC and JDBC Drivers that will allow them to access the data that they need quickly, efficiently and securely.

We can also provide consultancy services on how best to organise and manage their data.

If you need to set up a data warehouse or simply gain access to a data source from an ODBC or JDBC compliant application, then take a look at the Drivers we can provide and take advantage of a free trial.