Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver

How do I use the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver to connect to my Salesforce.com Sandbox?

Last Reviewed:
17th February 2016

By default, the Salesforce.com ODBC Driver connects to the Salesforce.com login server, which then connects to your production Salesforce.com server. To connect to your Salesforce.com sandbox, you need to bypass the login server and connect directly. To do this edit or create a new Salesforce.com ODBC Driver data source.

On Windows, create / edit the data source in ODBC Data Source Administrator. You will be changing the Logon URI attribute value.

On Linux and UNIX, create / edit the data source in odbc.ini, which, by default is located on /etc. You will be changing the URI attribute value.

Replace "login" in the attribute value with "test". The new URI will look similar to this:

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