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Is there a way I can call SQLRowCount if I am using the ODBC driver via ADO?

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28th October 2008

Yes, the call is in ODBC32.dll (which calls ibodbc.dll), which is a C API.

To call it from Delphi, declare as follows:

function SQLRowCount(hstmt:LongInt;var RowCount:LongInt):SmallInt;stdcall;external 'ODBC32.DLL';

From ADO, you would use (culled from http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/ado/quickref/command_execute.html):

METHOD: Command::Execute

Syntax for non-row-returning: commandobject.Execute RecordsAffected, Parameters, Options

Syntax for row-returning:

Set recordsetobject = commandobject.Execute (RecordsAffected, Parameters,

The Execute method returns a reference to a Recordset object. You use this method to execute the query, SQL statement, or stored procedure contained in the CommandText property of the Command object. If it is a row-returning query, the results are stored in a new Recordset object. If it is not a row-returning query, the provider will return a closed Recordset object.

There are three optional parameters.

The optional RecordsAffected parameter is a long value returned by the provider that is the number of records affected by an action query. (For a row-returning query, you will need to use the RecordCount property of the Recordset object to get a count of how many records are in the object.)

The optional Parameters parameter is used to change, update, or insert new parameter values into the Parameters Collection assigned to the Command object.

The optional Options parameter defines how the provider should evaluate the CommandText parameter. It is a long value that is the sum of one or more of the CommandTypeEnum or ExecuteOptionEnum constants. The default is adCmdUnspecified or -1.

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