Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver

I have input my registered InterBase ODBC Driver license but it still expires after 7 days. Why?

Last Reviewed:
29th October 2008

This problem only existed in prior versions of the driver (formerly, Easysoft Interbase 6 and 7 ODBC driver) and is no longer encountered in the latest version since the licensing procedure has been changed.
The Licenses that Easysoft supplied for the older ODBC for InterBase drivers are
case sensitive and version specific. You must ensure that you entered
the license in the same case as the mail that you received with the
license key. You can check exactly how the key was input by looking at
the following registry key:


If you find that the Serial Number was entered incorrectly reinstall the
software entering the number when prompted correctly or by amending the
Serial Number string in the above registry key. If you find that the
software still expires after 7 days you may have an incompatible version
please contact sales@easysoft.com for further information.

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