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Why does a build of PHP4 RC1 and ODBC-ODBC Bridge fail?

Last Reviewed:
9th January 2024

If you are attempting to build PHP4 RC1 with Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge, you will probably get compilation errors such as:

php_odbc.c: In function `php_if_odbc_execute':
php_odbc.c:849: parse error before `FAR'
php_odbc.c:852: parse error before `FAR'

This problem is due to someone adding code to PHP4 that expects FAR to be defined. (FAR was an old Win16 macro.) ODBC-ODBC Bridge header files do not define FAR. PHP4 has now be changed to remove the use of FAR and this change is available in the latest CVS tree. Until the next RC is released, if you do not have access to the CVS tree, the quickest solution is to define CFLAGS as -DFAR="" before running configure. E.g.

export CFLAGS
./configure --enable-track-vars ... etc. etc.
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